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The Lifestraw is finally, now available in Canada.

The LifeStraw is an innovative ‘Point of Use’ water filter created for the purpose of helping people in developing countries who have no access to clean drinking water. It has won a number of awards and is continuing with  success in offering assistance to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for clean drinking water.  

It filters down to .2 microns, and will filter at least 1000 liters. The Lifestraw will effectively filter impurities such as bacteria, protozoan and parasites.

Being capable of effectively filtering highly contaminated water in the developing world, the Lifestraw makes a perfect lightweight and compact filter for hikers and campers, as well as a superior filter for emergency preparedness.  

The Lifestraw surpasses EPA guidelines for water filtration and is one of the most advanced personal water filters available today.

  • Offers easy access to clean and safe drinking water away from home
  • Filters at least 1000L of contaminated water
  • Removes minimum 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 7 reduction)
  • Removes minimum 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3 reduction)
  • Reduces turbidity by filtering particles of approximately 0.2 microns
  • Contains no chemicals
  • Has a high flow rate
  • Requires no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts



-Simply place the end of the Lifestraw in water and sip through the mouthpiece.

-To prevent from clogging, regularly blow through the Lifestraw after drinking.  



-Length: 9 inches

-Width: 1 inch

-Weight: 2 ounces

-Filter Capacity: 1000 liters

Shelf Life: 3 years

(Shelf life is likely much longer than 3 years, but the manufacturer has not had any Lifestraws in storage more than 3 years due to high demand. There is no reason for the Lifestraw to deteriorate, but they cannot guarantee past 3 years for this reason).